Learning Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala

Learning a new language can be very rewarding and Antigua is the perfect place to study, you can safely walk around town and enjoy the stunning buildings and architecture, the locals are friendly and aware that many tourists are in town solely to learn Spanish, so are often very patient with you whilst you struggle through asking basic questions in the shops and restaurants. I ended up enjoying my stay so much, I booked a third week, we had an awesome group at the homestay and no one wanted to leave. I met people in Antigua who were supposed to be there for 2 weeks to learn a bit of Spanish before travelling through Latin America, but had decided to stop in Antigua for 3-4 months instead, it is a very comfortable place and a bit of a trap for anyone who is backpacking in the area, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as learning fluent Spanish can be a great skill to have.

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