Climbing Volcan De Acatenango – Guatemala

Whilst in Antigua I heard about a two day hike which takes you to the top of Volcan De Acatenango, everyone I had met raved about it, and to be honest, the thought of climbing a volcano sounded very exciting, so I signed up for the hike on my third day in town. Along with a group of like-minded intrepid explorers from random hostels across town, we made our way to the trail head. With a full backpack, crammed with 5 litres of water, food for two days, plenty of layers of clothing, sleeping bags, and tents, we began the ascent.

As we climbed the first few hundred metres we were greeted by other hikers making their way back down, having already hiked to the top and stayed overnight they looked tired, so myself and other people in the group couldn’t help asking them questions such as “what was the view like at the top?” and the more important ” how was the hike up?” – with which they replied “incredible!” and a rather ominous sounding “Good Luck!”.

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