The Aztec Pyramids of Teotihuacan

“Teotihuacan is home to a very impressive set of ruins, epic in scale and in a very good condition considering the city was abandoned in 700AD, at it’s peak it was home to 150,000 inhabitants and to this day historians have no idea why they left, I enjoyed exploring the site imagining what it would…

Mexico: Mayan Ruins, Mezcal, and Surfing

After completing the 1400 mile coastal drive along America’s Highway 101, it was time for me to leave behind the familiar settings of the U.S.A and venture into the unknown lands of Latin America. My flight out of San Diego was bound for the Mexican capital, Mexico City, home to more than 20 million people, most of whom will have limited or no English so this would certainly be a challenge, but being outside of your comfort zone is what travelling is all about and I had racked up a fair few hours on Duolingo (an app for learning new languages) so was ready to get stuck in. Bienvenido a Mexico!